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Touchy Subject

The software systems in cars today are sophisticated and complex. And each has its own ridiculous learning curve. Do you wonder why? Do consumers really want all this complexity?

The problem is really one of culture. Car manufacturers are notoriously competitive and they design their cars somewhat in a vacuum. There is little sharing of technology with anyone else. The result is that most engineering details are unique and this certainly holds true when considering the design of touchscreen infotainment systems. Because of this secular design philosophy, every manufacturer has very different software.


A concept that has come to life is to integrate more closely with smartphone operating systems. Most consumers are quite comfortable with their smartphones and the software on these could provide a nice framework for automobile infotainment systems. Today with the recent news of Apple CarPlay software and Android Auto operating systems being designed, many car manufacturers are doing a “Wait and See” before they attempt any major redesigns of their software. The loser is this could be the consumer who must wait for the various parties involved to agree to some sort of direction to come out of all the innovation and design.

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