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Doing Your Own Car Repair

I posted the article below because it brings up some good points about doing your own auto repair. I just want to add that its a good idea to consider a dividing line between “I can do this” and “A professional mechanic should do this”.

I’d recommend that you consider only really easy stuff like changing burned out lights. oil changes and perhaps a few other things. The reason is that today’s cars are getting to be very different from the old days where they were DIY friendly. Today’s cars are basically rolling computers and their is a lot to know about most every facet of a car or truck.


If you are thinking you want to attempt a repair, YouTube is your friend. There are thousands of How To videos on just about everything you can imagine car repair-related on YouTube. Check them out and if it looks to complicated, resist saving a few bucks and bring it to a professional mechanic.

Source: East Hills Jeep

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